Heart wall art 50th Wedding Anniversary gift present


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This is a kool 50th Wedding Anniversary present wall heart art wood carving personalized gift idea. It would be a perfect romantic any occasion gift present!! I am Gary Burns the treewiz and I carve everything in my shop. I can inscribe something personal on the back with no extra charge if it is something simple like a short sentence and date. I do this by hand with a Dremel. This piece comes ready to hang on the wall. It measures 38" tall x 24" wide x 3" thick. It's carved out of a piece of spalted Old Growth Redwood, one of the most amazing trees in the world! This is a really sweet piece of Redwood! It's just about as big as I make. It has so much character!!

I just got this piece of wood not too long ago and couldn't wait to work it! It had hung out in the ocean for a very long time! There is some great figure in the grain pattern with a lot of gnarly on both upper lobes. And I love the color. This piece is spalted. Spalting is when the wood starts gettin' eatin' by fungi. It is a big part of breaking the wood down so that it can return to the earth and feed new generations. It usually changes the color of the wood. Once the wood is dry the fungi stop. These pieces take some extra work because the wood is very soft mixed with hard grain. A little tricky. I harden the wood after I have ruffly shaped the piece.
The top of the lobes are the outside edge of the tree right under the bark. I love being able to incorporate the natural edge into a piece! This isn't a blemish free heart by any means but it has a wonderful feel to it. Like most of our hearts, it has been through some times that have tested it's love. Love and Gratitude! That's what makes my world go round!


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Hearts represent Love and Acceptance. It would make an amazing gift for anyone or a well deserved gift for oneself.



You can pay using any of the methods available to you through Etsy. If you would like to do a lay-a-way, contact me and I will let you know what we could do. You can e-mail me at datreewiz@gmail.com or phone me at 541 761 1997.
If I do not receive payment or communication about the payment within 2 days of my receiving the order I will cancel the order and re-list the piece.
Whatever is going on, please communicate. I am very flexible.

Shipping from United States

I include the cost of packing and shipping in all of my prices. I have not included shipping for out of the US. I just need your EXACT SHIPPING ADDRESS, YOUR FULL NAME and a link to the item you are interested in. I will get back to you with an exact quote on outside of the US purchases. I ship asap. Sometimes it is shipped the day the order is received but almost always by the next day. Just as soon as I get your order, I'll contact you.I email you the tracking info and I email you that it is on it's way. I send PRIORITY USPS unless it is too big and then it will go UPS. Priority USPS usually takes 2-3 days.

When shipping out of the United States, I declare the piece as "Merchandise" on the customs form and declare the price that you paid for the item less shipping.

I use mostly recycled packing. My carvings are all such different sizes that it makes it hard to purchase custom boxes and very expensive as well. It's as eco friendly as I can make it and keeps my prices as low as they can be.


I want you the buyer to be so happy with your purchase that you want to rave about how wonderful it all went on your feedback. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, let me know and we will work it out. If you're not happy, I'm not happy. E-mail me or call me at 541 761 1997 if there is any way I can help.


I've carved more than 13,000 carvings since 1971 when I started and have sold all of those pieces all over the world. Making people happy with my work is my soul purpose. With Love and Gratitude! <(B^)

Frequently Asked Questions

Care instructions

All of my carvings have a lacquer finish. Dusting with a feather duster or blowing off with a compressor is all that is necessary on the carved trees, fish and carved faces. I use Orange oil on the smooth surfaces. This will perk them up. I would do it as often as you polish your furniture. Once a month would keep them looking great but is not necessary.

When will I get my purchased carving?

I will contact you as soon as I get your order. I will package it that day or the next. I take it to the Post Office the next morning. If I get an order on Friday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday it will be in Monday mornings mail.

How will my carving be shipped?

I use Priority United States postal service mail.

Do you ship outside of the US?

I do ship outside of the US. I need to know the carving that you are interested in and your complete shipping address. I will figure what it costs to ship to your address and make the changes to the listing so that you can make the purchase.

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