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This heart would be the perfect loving housewarming gift love present. It would make the perfect present for any occasion. I am Gary Burns the treewiz or Wiz and I carve everything in my shop. This heart is very whimsical. I love the tail on this one! A very dimensional piece!
My heart carvings are completely designed and shaped by me. I love evolving by doing each one by hand with no templates. Each piece of wood is so different. It forces me to flow with each piece.

It measures 22" tall x 11" wide x 2 3/4" thick. This is really a one of a kind piece!! I love the Burl live edge on the upper portion. It gives a lot of contrast to the lower smooth portion. This piece is very rustic. It really has a ton of character!! I got this a piece a couple of years ago and have been waiting for it to dry. I couldn't wait to carve it!


It's carved out of a Big Leaf Maple Burl. The dark brown portion is the live edge, just under the bark. I don't find burl pieces that work like this very often. I am always looking for them. There are birds eyes in all of the sanded portion. A burl is usually caused by the trees reaction to an agro bacteria. It is sort of like a wart on a person. It doesn't affect the tree. It grows outside of the growth rings. So there is nothing but amazing grain to look at. This is another very unique carving. I am always on the hunt for kool pieces of wood. I have so much fun doing all aspects of what I do!

This piece is flat on the back so it can hang on the wall. I have fastened a self leveling hanger for hanging and it is signed Wiz on the back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Care instructions

All of my carvings have a lacquer finish. Dusting with a feather duster or blowing off with a compressor is all that is necessary on the carved trees, fish and carved faces. I use Orange oil on the smooth surfaces. This will perk them up. I would do it as often as you polish your furniture. Once a month would keep them looking great but is not necessary.

When will I get my purchased carving?

I will contact you as soon as I get your order. I will package it that day or the next. I take it to the Post Office the next morning. If I get an order on Friday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday it will be in Monday mornings mail.

How will my carving be shipped?

I use Priority United States postal service mail.

Do you ship outside of the US?

I do ship outside of the US. I need to know the carving that you are interested in and your complete shipping address. I will figure what it costs to ship to your address and make the changes to the listing so that you can make the purchase.

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